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Sunday 21 July
10:30amSunday Gathering @ Cowbridge Halls, Cowbridge, Hertford
Sunday 28 July
10:30amSunday Gathering @ House - TBC
Sunday 4 August
10:30amBreakfast Church @ Pinehurst Community Centre
Sunday 11 August
10:30amSunday Gathering @ House - TBC
Sunday 18 August
10:30amSunday Gathering @ Cowbridge Halls, Cowbridge, Hertford
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Every year we run a holiday club for 5-11's during the summer holidays. This is 5 activity packed, fun filled, bursting at the seams with energy, days, from a Monday to a Friday. Amongst the kids of the Pinehurst Estate, this is one of the highlights of the year!


W.A.Y. FINDERS - Holiday Club 2014

WAY Finders "WAY Finders" is our first in-house creation, where we've been able to craft every element of the club exactly how we want. Drawing on years of experience, and absorbing all the good from various materials (most notably Scripture Unions fantastic holiday club range), we've come up with a holiday club tailored to the kids of Pinehurst and associated friends and families.

We went with a Dr. Who styled club, following the theme of "Identity". WAY stand for "Who Are You", and we try and answer some big "who" questions: Who are you? Who is God?

It's a five day holiday club, with the following progression:

DAY 1: Who Made You? >> Exploring God and creation.
DAY 2: Who Are You? >> Exploring our identity as individuals and humans and our place in the universe.
DAY 3: Who Is Our Enemy? >> Exploring the fact life is hard and to understand that the good in the world has an enemy.
DAY 4: Who Saves Us? >> Exploring the person of Jesus, his life, death and resurrection.
DAY 5: Who Helps Us? >> Exploring the fact we are not alone, but that God gives us a helper in the Holy Spirit.



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