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New to the Pines PreSchool?
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A bit about us...

The Pines Preschool is based on the Pinehurst estate, to the east of Hertford. It was set up in 2001, as a non-profit making organisation, in order to provide affordable, quality preschool education to the local community. We are a part of the Hertford Community Church Trust (charity number 1082292).
We meet in the Pinehurst Community Centre every morning from Monday to Friday, during term time. We have one large main room, with a quieter room off to the side. We also have an enclosed outdoor area for the children to play in whenever the weather allows.

Session times are from 9.30 am until 12.30pm. On Tuesday & Friday there is also a lunch club which runs from 12.30 until 1.30pm.

Children can start at the Pines from approximately 2 years 6 months. They are then welcome to stay with us until they enter Reception at school (the September before they are 5 years old).

We accept 2 year old funding, 3 & 4 year old funding and can offer up to 17 hours per week using the 30 hours funding. 

Applications can be made at any age, and we will contact you about half a term before your child's potential start date to see if you are still interested - so get them on the waiting list today!

 Latest Newsletter 
December 2021 newsletter (1.4MB)
 Upcoming Events 
Friday 27th May - Jubilee Picnic & last day of half term (no lunch club)

Monday 6th June - First day back 

Tuesday 28th June - Sports Day (or Thurs 30th if wet) 

Thursday 21st July - Last day of Summer term

Monday 5th September - First day of Summer term